• Thomas M. Ward

Coming Soon: Divine Ideas

Today I found out that my new book, Divine Ideas, is scheduled to be published as an e-book by August, and in print by December. This project has been a labor of love, with emphasis on the love. It's technically an academic book, but it's not pitched only to academic philosophers. It should be of interest to all intellectually inclined readers with interests in theology, religion, and philosophy. I tried to write it free from gatekeeping technical jargon. I also did not shy away from expressing my own personal perspective on why all this stuff matters. Over the next few months I'll likely write quite a few posts about the book. For now, here is the official description, or "abstract," of the book:

"In this book I defend a version of the classical theory of divine ideas, thecontainment exemplarist theory of divine ideas. The classical theory holds that God has ideas of all possible creatures, that these ideas partially explain why God's creation of the world is a rational and free personal action, and that God does not depend on anything external to himself for having the ideas he has. The containment exemplarist version of the classical theory holds that God's own nature is the exemplar of all possible creatures, and therefore that God's ideas of possible creatures are in some sense ideas of himself. Containment exemplarism offers a monotheism fit for metaphysics, insofar as it is coherent, simple, and explanatorily powerful; and offers a metaphysics fit for monotheism, insofar as it leaves God truly worthy of the unconditional worship which Christians, along with Jews and Muslims, aspire to offer to God."

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