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Two Recent Podcasts

Over the last few months I've had the privilege to talk about things I love on two podcasts. Earlier this month I was on Mere Fidelity, discussing my new book, Divine Ideas. (Have I mentioned this book before?) Matthew Lee Anderson and Derek Rishmawy were friendly hosts who made me think a little too hard for a Wednesday morning. If you like cringey comedy, you should listen to me try to answer Anderson's question about whether there is a divine idea of mud. You can find the episode, along with a nicely edited "timestamp," HERE.

Over the summer I was on the Curious Catholic Podcast, discussing Duns Scotus's natural philosophy, especially his theory of hylomorphism. Matt Chominski and I really got into the weeds about some of the theological and spiritual implications of Scotus's theory. He's a sharp interviewer and I loved the balance we struck between going deep into some of the technical details while also searching for the practical payoff of studying this old stuff. You can find the episode, HERE.

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