I am a recently tenured philosopher at Baylor University. Here you can learn more about my work. I also sometimes blog on this website, at the Blogos page.  

You can see my curriculum vitae, hic et nunc.

Prior to Baylor I taught at Loyola Marymount University for five years, and Azusa Pacific University for one year. I earned a PhD in philosophy at UCLA under the supervision of Calvin Normore, assisted by John Carriero and Marilyn McCord Adams (may she rest in peace). Before that I completed an M.Phil in theology at Oxford University under the supervision of Marilyn McCord Adams. I learned to love philosophy whilst an undergraduate at Biola University, where I majored in philosophy and studied Great Books in the Torrey Honors Institute. I decided I wanted to be a philosophy professor in my freshman year, Fall 2000;

twenty years later I earned tenure.

In the photo you can see one of my daughters and me in our native California, admiring a sequoia sempervirens whilst illuminated by the sun. That was a fine day.