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(2023) "Who was Duns Scotus?" at Aeon

(2022) “Minstrel of the Incarnation: A Portrait of John Duns Scotus,” in Evangelization & Culture, Winter 2023

(2022) “The Gospel in Wingfeather,” at Plough
(2022) “Michael Ward’s After Humanity,” in Dappled Things
(2022) “Unaffordable and Under Threat: Higher Education’s Debt Crises (and How to Fix Them),” at Public Discourse
(2022) “Beguiled by her Beauty,” at The Lamp Magazine blog
(2022) “Reading and the Virtue of Memory,” at Christian Scholars Review blog
(2022) A Meditation with Dante: How Happiness Can be True or False,” at The Gard
(2019) “The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher in Defense of Civilization,” at Commonplace Living
(2014) “Either Demons Exist or God Doesn’t,” in The Devil and Philosophy, ed. Robert Arp. Open Court, 151-158.
(2013) “Concerning My Fountain Pen,” at The Hipster Conservative
(2012) “C.S. Lewis and the Church: A Review (Part 1),” at Mere Orthodoxy
(2012) “C.S. Lewis and the Church: A Review (Part 2),” at Mere Orthodoxy
(2011) “The Place of God in the Meditations,” in The Great Books Reader, ed. John Mark Reynolds. Bethany House, 153-155.

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