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Forthcoming: "One Goodness, Many Goodnesses, and the Divine Ideas Imitation Theory (with Anne Jeffrey), Religious Studies.

Forthcoming:  “Parts, Wholes, and the Elements in Some Medieval Philosophers,” in Parts and Wholes, ed. Andrew Arlig.
Forthcoming:  “The ‘Virtual’ Presence of Elements and Non-mereological Composition” (with Andrew Arlig), in Parts and Wholes, ed. Andrew Arlig.
Forthcoming: “Thrice Everywhere: Duns Scotus and William Ockham on God’s Existence in Things,” in The Oxford Handbook to Divine Omnipresence, ed. Ben Page and Anna Marmodoro. 
Forthcoming: “The Incoherence of Ockham’s Ethics,” in Grounding in Medieval Philosophy, ed. Stephan Schmid and Calvin Normore.

2024: "Duns Scotus, Classical Theist: A Vindication," The Hanover Review.
2023: “The Fractal Imagination and Christian Pedagogy” (with Richard Jordan), in International Journal of Christianity and Education.
2022: “Omnipotence and the Morality of Hating God,” in Philosophia Christi.
2022: “Duns Scotus on Freedom and the Affection for Justice” (with Seth Howton), in St. Anselm Journal.
2022: “Good Enough to be God: Biblical Worship and Anselm’s Formula,” Journal of Analytic Theology.
2022: “Duns Scotus on Essential Order in De Primo Principio and Elsewhere,” in Interpreting Scotus, ed. Giorgio Pini.
2021: “Forms,” in The Routledge Companion to Medieval Philosophy, ed. Richard Cross and JT Paasch.
2020: “Logical Necessity and Divine Love in Duns Scotus’s Ethical Thought,” in Franciscan Studies.
2020: “Relative Disability and Transhuman Happiness: St. Thomas Aquinas on the Beatific Vision,” in Disability in Medieval Christian Philosophy and Theology, ed. Scott Williams. 
2020: “Deiform Morality,” in A New Theist Response to the New Atheists, ed. Josh Rasmussen and Kevin Vallier.
2019: “A Most Mitigated Friar: Scotus on Natural Law and Divine Freedom,” in American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly.
2019: “Scotism about Possible Natures,” in The Philosophical Quarterly.
2018: “Losing the Lost Island,” in International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. 

2018: “Many Exits on the Road to Corpuscularianism,” in Hylomorphism and Mereology, ed. Gyula Klima and Alex Hall.
2018: “Logic and Ontological Commitment: Vincent Ferrer’s Theory of Natural Supposition,” in Modern Views of Medieval Logic, ed. Sara Uckelman.
2017: “Voluntarism, Atonement, and Duns Scotus,” in The Heythrop Journal 58:1, 37-43.
2017: “John Duns Scotus,” in T&T Clark Companion to the Atonement, ed. Adam Johnson. 
2016: “Reconstructing Aquinas’s World: Themes from Brower,” in Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy.
2016: “Thomas Aquinas and John Buridan on Hylomorphism and the Beginning of Life,” in Res Philosophica.
2015: “Transhumanization, Personal Identity, and the Afterlife: Thomistic Reflections on a Dantean Theme,” in New Blackfriars.
2015: “Notes from a Nominalist in a New Incunabulum by Symphorien Champier” (with Brian Copenhaver), in Essays in Renaissance Thought and Letters in Honor of John Monfasani, ed. A. Frazier.
2012: “Animals, Animal Parts, and Hylomorphism: John Duns Scotus’s Pluralism about Substantial Form,” in Journal of the History of Philosophy.
2011: “Spinoza on the Essences of Modes,” in British Journal for the History of Philosophy.
2010: “Relations without Forms: Some Consequences of Aquinas’s Metaphysics of Relations,” in Vivarium.
2006: “How Aquinas Could Have Argued that God is Really Related to Creatures,” in Medieval Skepticism and the Claim to Metaphysical Knowledge, ed. Gyula Klima and Alex Hall. 

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