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May 2024: Merri reviews Ordered by Love at The Pillarist: "REVIEW: Ordered by Love"

December 2023: interviewed on From the Median: "The Future of Death on Demand"

November 2023: interviewed on Spiritual Strength Catholic: "Overcoming Misunderstandings of Scotism with Dr. Thomas Ward"


November 2023: interviewed on Drinking with the Saints: "The Dunce Cap and its Namesake (Blessed John Duns Scotus)"

October 2023: interviewed on What's Buggin' You?: "Shaping Desires" Part 1 and Part 2

September 2023: interviewed on Adherent Apologetics: "Can God Command Us to Hate Him?"

August 2023: Andrew Bailey and Kenny Boyce review Divine Ideas for Faith and Philosophy: "Thomas Ward, Divine Ideas"

August 2023: interviewed on Unlicensed Philosophy: "Episode 186: Interview with Thomas Ward"

June 2023: David Weinberger reviews Ordered by Love for The University Bookman: "The Wisdom of Medieval Scholasticism"

June 2023: interviewed on Pints with Aquinas, "Blsd. John Duns Scotus"

April 2023: Ed Feser reviews Ordered by Love for First Things: "Great Scot"

April 2023: Casey Chalk reviews Ordered by Love for Catholic World Report: "Surprised by Scotus"

March 2023: interviewed on Godsplaining, "On Bl. John Duns Scotus"

February 2023: interviewed on Dogs with Torches, "Intro to Scotism"

January 2023: interviewed on Philosophy for the People, "Thomism vs Scotism"

January 2023: interviewed on Capturing Christianity, "Was God PROVEN 800 Years Ago?" 

January 2023: interviewed on Philosophy for the People, "Scotus's Way to God"


January 2023: interviewed on Furthering Christendom, "Thomas Ward on Scotus"

January 2023: interviewed on Parker's Pensees, "John Duns Scotus's Unique Thoughts on God and Man"

December 2022: interviewed on The London Lyceum, "John Duns Scotus with Tom Ward" 

December 2022: interviewed on Catholic Culture" Duns Scotus, Minstrel of the Incarnation"

November 2022: interviewed on The Byzantine Scotist, "Interview with Thomas Ward on his New Book on Scotus" 

October 2022: interviewed on The Open Door, "Affordability and Federal Interference in Higher Education,"


July 2022: interviewed on Baylor Connections, on 103.3 KWBU (Waco Public Radio), about my work on Duns Scotus' Treatise on the First Principle 

April 2022: lecture for 100 Days of Dante, "Paradiso, Canto 13" 

November 2021: interviewed on The London Lyceum, "Divine Ideas with Tom Ward"

November 2021: interviewed on Parker's Pensees, "Can We Hold Divine Ideas and Divine Simplicity Together?"

June 2021: interviewed on Parker's Pensees, "Creative Divine Ideas"

November 2020: interviewed on Mere Fidelity, "Divine Ideas"

August 2020: interviewed on The Curious Catholic, "What is the Human Being? Nature, Soul, Death, and Christ in the Tomb"

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